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Caving, Geocaching and Whitewater rafting team building

Now in our 43rd year of family operation!

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Why Zoller's for your Team Event?

Zach and Lacy Wedding

Zoller family photo at Zach and Lacy's wedding

Mark Zoller

Mark Zoller-Owner, guide and Event facilitator

Zoller's Knows Service!

Zoller's understands that your event can be nothing less than a grand slam, out of the park, home run. We are asking you to spend a lot of money with us, and to trust in our experience, skills and judgment. In return we treat every event as the most important ever. You will get personal friendly service in all we do.


Want to merge more than one activity together for your group? While some of your team is rafting, others can be caving and Geocaching. We can customize and time each event to start and end at the same time, return to the same starting point for "Dutch Oven" dining and even rotate the group through all three activities in one day.


For over 35 years Zoller's has been entertaining large and small guest groups in the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest. Zoller's is in its third generation of family operation and was named Washington's "Family Business of the Year" for their quality of service over the generations.

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